Further issues

Wind energy, the use of biomass and the building of power grids are leading to further land use in Germany. But there are also other issues of relevance for an environmentally friendly energy transition which needed to be discussed.

Hydrodynamic power

Hydrodynamic power is one of the issues, but its potentials are differently high in Germany’s regions. Modernizations of existing water power plants with electric power of generators for power generation must be consider at the same time the requirements of the EU-water framework regarding the ecologic quality of water bodies. Furthermore economically inefficient and ecological sophisticated plants with old water rights are reactivated for new, smaller plants with less than one Megawatt (MW) electrical power causing enviromental impacts.

Storage technologies

The increasing share of fluctuating renewable energies such as solar and wind energy on electrical power supply is leading to the need for different storage technologies. Pumped storage hydro power stations are nowadays the only established technology in order to storage electrical power shortly. But this technology is connected with solid impacts on nature and landscape at the place of location. The potential for new projects in Germany is limited due to geomorphological requirements and to high planning and permission demands. That is why in the future other options such as compressed air storage, heat store, or power-to-gas technology should be enhanced and applied.